trying to get kills on more experienced players like:image

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i was thinking about what kind of phones these kids would have

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Monkey D. Luffy | 3D2Y Hoodie | 60 GIF Appreciation Post

I cannot tell you how much I loved the design for Luffy’s outfit in the recent special. I liked that it was modeled after his trademark red vest and cardigan and included yellow buttons and a zipper like his yellow waist sash. The paw on the hood reminded me of Kuma and the fur around it reminded me of Law. The torn sleeve look along with the added hood gave it a badass feel making it cute and fucking awesome at the same time. Definitely one of my favorite outfits from the canon and non-canon works in the series.

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Pay no heed to this. As long as you’re unhurt… pay no heed and move on.

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For yamineftis

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This was supposed to be a funny kind of post based on this gif only I couldn’t finish the additional nami its funny how life can even block your ability to art

but it bothered me that it’s sitting in my folder as a finished piece so there. at least i’ve posted something

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